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Sensory Awareness

We Wrote a Book!

It’s Autism

Sensory Overload With a Side of Dinner

“I am 38 years old, kneeling on the floor of a Japanese restaurant trying to catch broccoli being thrown towards my mouth, completely sober. This is parenthood,” I thought to myself as I watched the tears on my daughter’s face turn into boisterous laughter. We don’t usually go out to real sit-down restaurants because my daughter well and truly struggles […]

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The Extrovert with Autism

My daughter is very social and she has autism. These are two things that many people don’t realize can co-exist, but my kid is living proof that they can and do. I didn’t see this coming. At school, she was always with an adult, never playing side by side with other kids. Any time we were in a room full […]

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Preparing for Hurricane Irma

I had a bad feeling last week when Irma was way out in the Atlantic that she was heading our way. I didn’t let it consume my thoughts until Monday when I went to Walmart and saw that water was gone and canned goods were quickly disappearing. I had enjoyed an action packed weekend with my daughter and was blissfully […]

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