A Cure for Rogue Peas: A Re-Play Plates Review

My daughter isn’t much of a cuddler and she expects the same out of her food. A pea looking for a little squeeze from a fish stick is simply not allowed and if it dares to happen, one person must be held accountable and that one person is me – the resident short order cook of the house. After cooking three meals some nights – because foods were touching and therefore became “disgusting” – I decided it was time to invest in some plates with dividers. My dreams of being one of those food art moms fell to the wayside.

While I am a fan of recycled goods, I had a few reservations about how well these Re-Play divided plates would clean up, but I gave them a try anyway. We are now six months in and almost every type of food and sauce has graced the sturdy plastic plates. I usually rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher and so far there has been no staining. They also wash up easily if you need to reuse them in the same day or sometimes during the same meal if something isn’t cooked to my 4-year-old’s requirements. I also really like that these are sturdy. My daughter is heavy handed with silverware, but these dishes don’t show the wear and tear that I have seen on other plastic dishes.

Peas are now kept safely away from fish sticks and pasta dare not touch a meatball without approval. Peace has been restored during mealtime…mostly.

If you have a kid who prefers their meals to be a little (or a lot) more organized, these plates are a quick fix. And with deep sides, they help minimize mess. I can’t make any promises about whether or not it’ll get your child to eat their peas, though.

No compensation was received for this post. I just really like the plates, ok?


7 thoughts on “A Cure for Rogue Peas: A Re-Play Plates Review

  1. The plates look fab and clearly solve for the problem you mention. That awful touching of foods! How dare they. We (the Mrs.) found the single most expensive lunch boxes on the planet that do the same thing. They are called Planet Boxes and since switching to them, the girls almost always eat lunch. Heck, I would too! I am glad you found these plates, and thanks for sharing! #fabfridaypost xoxox

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