For the Love of Stacking

Once my daughter got the hang of stacking, there was no stopping her. When she struggled early-on to put one block on top of the other, I did what any other panic-stricken mom afraid her daughter was falling behind would do: I invested in stacking toys and found a couple that really helped give my daughter the edge amongst her stacking peers. Stacking quickly became one of her favorite ways to avoid bedtime. She would stack the hell out of blocks and toys while I applauded and cheered her on well past her bedtime. She learned early on how to get out of sleeping, and here are some of her favorite bed-avoiding tactics toys.

Melissa & Doug ABC/123 Blocks

These classic toys seem almost as necessary as diapers. I still find these mixed in with other toys. The durable wood construction means they survive toddler antics. My flat screen tv is another story. The Melissa & Doug ABC/123 blocks also work¬†for sorting by color as well as number and letter recognition. And baby’s first drums. Stacking towers and destroying them made for lots of laughs and fun.

Tobbles by Fat Brain Toys

This brightly colored gem was introduced to me by one of my daughter’s therapists. The two layers and unusual shape made for good sensory exploration. These uniquely shaped Tobbles by Fat Brain Toys are weighted to make stacking fun and easy in all sorts of combinations giving toddlers a chance to explore different sizes, balance, and spinning.

Melissa & Doug Stack and Sort Board

Melissa & Doug toys are well known for mixing up fun and skill building into great toys and who doesn’t love this classic take on shape sorting? My daughter was sorting shapes and colors long before she could ever say words like “circle” or “red”. The Melissa & Doug Stack and Sort board is a great introduction to counting too. She would do this over and over and over and for a toddler who had the attention span of a fruit fly, that was a big deal.

What are your favorite stacking toys?


10 thoughts on “For the Love of Stacking

  1. My 3 year old grandson has SPD, is a whiz at knocking down stacks his older brother made but would not stack any items till we found the Tobbles. WOW! what a difference one toy makes! He now delights in stacking and will focus on that activity for a long time before tiring of it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I found the same thing with my daughter with the Tobbles – there really is something about them that makes it easier for them to stack! Love hearing that your grandson loves them too. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Those topples look fun! I know my boys enjoyed these cardboard cubes that got smaller and smaller and all nested inside one another. They’d stack them all up and then knock them right down before starting over again. #FabFridayPost

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