What is Sensory Share?

Welcome to sensoryshare.com – your one stop online “shop” for all things Sensory Processing Disorder.

When my daughter’s Occupational Therapist first mentioned Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) to me, I didn’t have the first clue what she was talking about. Having never heard of SPD, I did what most parents do when they first hear those words: I combed the Internet for hours. With my head spinning, I found bits and pieces of information – scattered, vague tidbits here and there that were difficult to piece together.

Sensoryshare.com was born out of my desire to share the information I’ve gathered through my research, conversations with therapists, and – perhaps most importantly – through experiences with my daughter.

Our senses are complex and no two experiences with SPD are identical, but knowledge is key to understanding and advocating.

On this site you will find:

Ultimately, sensoryshare.com is intended to be an online resource for anyone who loves someone with SPD, cares for someone with SPD or lives with SPD themselves.
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Content will be added routinely.

If you have any questions, recommended resources you don’t see here, a story to share or a product review request, please contact me.