As a mom with a child who has struggled with sensory issues I have combed the Internet in search of answers. The science of our senses is complex and difficult to navigate. I have learned more from the personal stories of those who have lived with sensory processing disorder and autism than I have from the research studies and medical journals. Here are some of my favorite stories and finds that have helped me understand my daughter’s world just a little bit more.

Jennifer Allison: Art and Awe and Healing – From TED Institute, this talk from artist Jennifer Allison opened my eyes up to how those with Sensory Processing Disorder see the world and experience it in ways that neurotypicals do not. Her experience through childhood, her connection to art, and her resiliency through adulthood are both inspiring and eye-opening.

Swords & Snoodles – One of the first blogs I came across that really hit home for me when it came to parenting and dealing with all the other things in life too. Her posts are candid and relatable. She writes about her life and all the aspects of it from her struggles with depression and anxiety to her journey as a mom to two, one with both sensory processing disorder and ASD much like myself. Her post titled “Dear (Additional Needs) Parent” was the first post I read and it had me in tears. If you need to not feel so alone, I highly recommend you check out this blog by Becci Nichols.